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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Chiles and Bleakley in subdued Daybreak farewell

They were heralded as the saviours of ITV just a year and a bit ago, but today Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley shuffled off the set of Daybreak for the last time with barely a whimper.

The duo, who were poached by the commercial broadcaster from the BBC for millions of pounds, have done their last shift on the early morning show a month earlier than expected.

And their mood seemed a little sombre (although it's hard to tell with him) as they prepared to get up off the sofa for the last time - with just a quick one-minute farewell before the credits rolled at the end of the show.

Chiles said: "As you may or may not know, this is our last show. As a leaving present, I'm taking my funny animal clips clipboard with me!

"We'd just like to say thanks a million to the rest of the on-air team. Dan, Kate, Dr Hilary, Sue, Cordelia, Gav, Richard, showbiz Steve, Phil, Lucy, Tasmin, all of you."

And C-Bleakley added: "And especially to all of our production staff who work far harder than any of us here as well. That is just about it from us, good luck and have a great Christmas. Bye bye."

The official line is that Chiles is to concentrate on his footy-presenting duties while Bleakley is "being put on ice" in her co-host's words - limbering up to present Dancing On Ice.

Their replacements have yet to be announced, but Natasha Kaplinsky and Eamonn Holmes are both apparently in the frame.

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