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Sunday, August 12, 2012

CONFIRMED! The Spice Girls spotted rehearsing for Olympics Closing Ceremony

The Spice Girls haven't performed calm back their alliance bout in 2008

The Spice Girls will accomplish at the Olympics Closing Ceremony on Sunday night as accepted - they were spotted call on Thursday.

The babe accumulation still haven't commented about their achievement but the rumours accept now been accepted by paparazzi shots.

All 5 Spices were apparent practising their moves and dancing on top of atramentous auto cabs at the Ford car bulb in east London.

The bandage are just a baby allotment of the amazing show, which looks set to affection over 20 acts including Ed Sheeran and George Michael, who let blooper on Twitter that he was in the line-up.

‘The OLYMPIC ALBUM is released, which will cover my performance!' Tweeted George, 49.

‘have to get up at a reasonable time to get to the dress rehearsal

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