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Saturday, October 29, 2011

3-day vodka binge killed frail Amy Winehouse

The troubled Back to Black singer, 27, had been "dry" for almost three weeks, her inquest was told.
But three days before her July death she began drinking again ? and her frail body simply could not cope. Three empty vodka bottles were found near her corpse in Camden, North London.
Tragic Amy consumed "a very large quantity of alcohol" before she died, the inquest was told.
Pathologist Prof Suhail Baithun detailed the amount of booze in the singer's system at the hearing.
He explained that the legal limit for driving was 80mg of alcohol per decilitre of blood.
A level of up to 200mg would see a person lose control of reflexes, injuring themselves, he said.
"At 350mg this is associated with fatalities," the professor said, adding: "She was 416mg ? five times the drink-drive limit."
Amy was found slumped on her bed by her bodyguard on Saturday, July 23, this year. The inquest heard she had been "dry" for almost three weeks ? and had touched no drugs since 2008.
Yet three days before her death she began drinking again, North London's St Pancras Coroner's Court was told.
Assistant Deputy Coroner Suzanne Greenaway ruled Amy's death was misadventure and said she had knocked back "potentially fatal" levels of booze in the run-up to the tragedy.
Three empty vodka bottles ? two large and one small ? were found near the star's body at her Camden home.
Friends and officials gave evidence at the hearing and told of troubled Amy's last moments. As ex-cabbie dad Mitch and mum Janis looked on, bodyguard Andrew Morris revealed how he last spoke to her at 2am on the day she died.
Mr Morris, who lived at Amy's house, said he then checked her at 10am and, seeing her lying on the bed, assumed she was asleep.
But he became worried when he checked her again at 3pm and noticed she hadn't moved.
Mr Morris said: "I went and checked to see she was OK. I realised she wasn't breathing and there was no pulse and I called the emergency services."
Dr Cristina Romete, the star's GP for four years, confirmed Amy had frequently binged on alcohol in between "periods of abstinence".
She last saw Amy at 7pm the night before she died. Dr Romete said: "She was calm, she was coherent. She was tipsy I would say, but she didn't slur and was able to hold a full conversation."
Asked if Amy had vowed to stop boozing, the GP replied: "She did not, no ? but she was going to call me that weekend. "Apart from the fact she'd started drinking there was no other concern. I was not concerned that she was suicidal.
"She talked about future things. She said, 'I have not achieved a lot of the things I wanted'. She was looking forward to the future."
MISADVENTURE verdict recorded at inquest into Amy Winehouse’s death
The doctor said Amy was opposed to psychological therapy, but called her "one of the most intelligent women I've ever met".
Coroner Greenaway concluded: "She had been specifically advised of the harm to her health and her life. However, she had her own views about therapy ? particularly of the treatment she would accept.
"She had consumed sufficient alcohol at 416mg per decilitre and the unintended consequence of such potentially fatal levels was her sudden and unexpected death."
Amy's divorced parents both brought their new partners to the coroner's court to hear the verdict.
Mitch, 60, was accompanied by second wife Jane, 47, and 56-year-old Janis by her partner Richard. A spokesman for the Winehouse family said after the hearing: "It is some relief to finally find out what happened to Amy. We understand there was alcohol in her system when she passed away, it is likely a build-up of alcohol in her system over a number of days.
"The court heard that Amy was battling hard to conquer her problems with alcohol and it is a source of great pain to us that she could not win in time.
"It underlines how important our work with the Amy Winehouse Foundation is to us, to help as many young people and children as we can in her name.
"It means a lot to us and from the overwhelming messages of support we have had since Amy died, we know she meant a great deal to people all over the world."
Janis and Amy's film director boyfriend Reg Traviss, 35, saw the star the day before she died ? and were sure she had not been drinking, it has emerged.
Yet Amy had fallen off the wagon days earlier, sinking gin and Red Bulls at the iTunes festival at Camden's Roundhouse venue.
The shambling singer appeared on stage there alongside goddaughter Dionne Bromfield.
She tottered next to the youngster for several minutes, but refused to sing a note when offered the microphone.
An onlooker claimed Amy had drunk "gallons" of booze, saying she "drank the bar dry". The witness said: "Amy was behaving really erratically but that was nothing out of the ordinary for her." Critics described the singer as looking like a "wraith". One declared: "She shouldn't be anywhere near a stage right now." But just days later the star was dead.
The Sun revealed then that NO drugs were involved in Amy's death. And we told how her family was convinced alcohol was behind it.
Outside the Roundhouse, Amy pulled 16-year-old fan Hannah Hardman up close to her in what was believed to be the last snap taken of the tragic singer.

Amy Winehouse was five times the drink-drive limit

A coroner in London heard she hit the bottle after being dry for three weeks.
Amy's doctor also revealed the 27-year-old said she did not know if she was going to stop drinking but "she did not want to die" the night before she tragically passed away.
Police discovered two large and a small bottle of vodka after the star's body was found at her ?2.3million home.
Recording a verdict of misadventure, St Pancras Coroner Suzanne Greenway said the singer had 416mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood. The driving limit is 80mg.
Ms Greenway said: "She had consumed sufficient alcohol at 416mg per decilitre (of blood) and the unintended consequence of such potentially fatal levels was her sudden and unexpected death."
A post-mortem had found that Amy's vital organs were healthy and showed no traces of illegal drugs.
But the Back To Black star had huge amounts of alcohol in her system that could have stopped her breathing and sent her into a coma.
The inquest also heard how Amy had not touched a drop in the weeks leading up to Friday July 22. The next day she was found dead in her home in Camden, North London.
The pathologist who conducted the post-mortem said at 200mg per decilitre (of blood), someone would lose control of their reflexes and 350mg was considered a fatal level.
Amy's GP, Dr Christina Romete, who had been treating the star for several years, said she had warned her about the dangers of drink.
The doctor, who described the singer as tipsy but coherent the night before she died, said she had been headstrong about the ways she should deal with her drink battle.
She said: "The advice I had given to Amy over a long period of time was verbal and in written form about all the effects alcohol can have on the system, including respiratory depression and death, heart problems, fertility problems and liver problems."
Amy, who was taking medication to cope with alcohol withdrawal and anxiety, was reviewed last year by a psychologist and psychiatrist about her drinking.
Dr Romete said: "She had her own way and was very determined to do everything her own way.
"Including any form of therapy. She had very strict views."
The doctor was asked if she was satisfied her patient fully understood the risks of continuing to drink. "Yes," she answered.
She said: "During the period of July she was abstinent but started drinking alcohol on July 20 - it was confirmed to me by her security guard."
But Dr Romete added: "She was looking forward to the future."
Andrew Morris, the musician's live-in security guard, said he last spoke to her at 2am on the day she died.
Amy had been heard in her bedroom laughing, listening to music and watching television the night before.
Mr Morris said he checked in on her at 10am on July 23 but did not talk to her and thought she was asleep so left her.
It was usual for her to lie in, he said. But at 3pm he checked again.
Reliving the moment he discovered her body, he said: "When I went in the room she was lying on the bed in the same position from 10am.
"I was immediately concerned, went over and checked to see if she was OK.
"I checked on her and realised she wasn't breathing and had no pulse so called the emergency services."
Amy, who won five Grammy awards in 2008, was pronounced dead soon after by paramedics.
The bodyguard, who described Amy as "her usual lively self" the week before her death, said she had "big plans" that weekend.
The Rehab singer's parents Mitch and Janis were at the hearing to hear the verdict.
Previously cabbie Mitch, 60, had told how his daughter had made a "fantastic recovery" from drug addiction and had not drunk booze for three weeks.
Since Amy's death Mitch has been setting up the Amy Winehouse Foundation with her management and record label.
He said: "We have been working with a group called Concordiat and we are going to take people in recovery into schools to speak about alcohol and drug issues. Who better to talk to kids than the people who have been there and done it?"
MISADVENTURE verdict recorded at inquest into Amy Winehouse’s death
The Foundation has made its first three ?10,000 donations to charities close to Amy ? children's hospices Littlehaven's in Essex and Chestnut Tree House in Sussex, plus Hopes And Dreams, which gives holidays to sick children.
The star's family issued a statement today saying: "It is some relief to finally find out what happened to Amy.
"We understand there was alcohol in her system when she passed away - it is likely a build-up of alcohol in her system over a number of days.
"The court heard that Amy was battling hard to conquer her problems with alcohol and it is a source of great pain to us that she could not win in time.
"She had started drinking again that week after a period of abstinence.
"It underlines how important our work with the Amy Winehouse Foundation is to us, to help as many young people and children as we can in her name.

"It means a lot to us and, from the overwhelming messages of support we have had since Amy died, we know she meant a great deal to people all over the world.
"We want to thank everyone for that and for their continuing enthusiasm for the foundation."
Meanwhile, the tragic star's close pal Kelly Osbourne hit out at a fake Amy Winehouse for sending her a cruel Twitter message. It said: "Miss ya darling! x".
Other sick tweets included: "I'm alive and I am well. I'm just not here (with you), not so swell. But I watch over you above in the sky so blue. Miss ya daddy. love ya too x."
Kelly replied: "That's not f***ing funny. You should be ashamed."

Bizarre | Showbiz news | Keep up-to-date with celeb goss

The actor said: "I'm an admirer. When you've had a working relationship that's both challenging and inspiring ? then you do miss it, if I'm honest."
Kasabian are the latest band to cover Lana Del Rey track Video Games.
They played it in the live lounge yesterday, when they went home to Leicester for a Radio 1 gig. Serge Pizzorno said: "The track stops you in your tracks, amazing."
Bit like the woman who sings it.
Matt Cardle is trying hard for indie credibility ? but he's also been getting inspiration elsewhere.
Matt went to watch Sir Cliff Richard in concert on Tuesday, claiming it was because one of his mates was dancing at the gig.
Bet he can't get enough of Living Doll though.
Al Murray did another cracking job as host.
As his Pub Landlord alter ego, he was on top form and even roped Bono into a solo performance during a sing-song of Queen's We Will Rock You, which had the whole room airing their pipes. Wonder if they'll get royalties?
Bono helped himself to a hefty slice of humble pie while U2 were up on stage collecting their award for Greatest Act Of The Last 25 Years.
The singer said: "If The Clash were up here, we would be carrying their gear. It's good being in a band for 25 years."
Will Young took the preparations for shooting his new music video seriously.
In the clip for single Come On, the Pop Idol winner plays a dog trainer performing at a Crufts-style show. Will spent a day learning "dog choreography" for the video. He must be barking. Sorry.
Jared Followill got a decent surprise yesterday on a stopover in London while flying from Nashville to Cape Town.
The single Kings Of Leon bassist wrote on Twitter: "Landed in London. Checked into an airport hotel. All the contestants from the Miss World Pageant were in the lobby."
Mike Skinner has formed a new band now he has retired The Streets ? and the Brummie has roped in a top musician to help him too.
Mike and former The Music frontman Rob Harvey are now calling themselves The D.O.T. and have already uploaded nine songs with videos to the-dot.net.
Wretch 32 may be covered in tattoos and come from a tough Tottenham estate but the rapper has admitted he is scared of mice.
He said: "I really don't like them. I don't like anything you can't communicate with. If I see a mouse in my house he can have it as I'm moving somewhere else."
They'll be cracking open the bottles of cider in Somerset if The Wurzels' latest plan comes off ? they are entering the race for Christmas No1.
The band are releasing their first festive material, a double A-side single featuring Sleigh Ride and White Christmas.
The Wombles should be worried.
Decent X Factor singer Misha B has been doing her best to get some rap credibility.
She showed up at RWD magazine's 10th birthday do in London on Thursday and asked Ms Dynamite and Yasmin for advice. Cher Lloyd should have done the same when she was on the show.
The Wanted had a close scrape this week while promoting new single Lightning, which is in a battle with Rihanna for No1.
Their tour bus window was smashed in Newcastle by fans trying to get in as they recorded a radio interview. At least their hair straighteners were unharmed.
Ian Brown is the subject of BBC Radio 4's Profile show tomorrow at 7pm. The 15-minute programme provides an insight into the character of an influential figure making headlines. The Stone Roses frontman follows last week's new Cabinet Secretary Jeremy Heywood. Brilliant.
George Clooney has been teaching his The Ides Of March co-star Ryan Gosling how to deal with excessive female attention.
He said: "He's really struggling with this 'sexiest man alive' thing. I worked with him on it. It was a little difficult but I think he's got it down now."
Jay-Z is expanding his CV even further by appearing in a new animated kids show. The rapper will play himself in four episodes of cartoon Secret Millionaires Club ? he'll be shown giving financial advice to kids. The first episode airs in the US on Sunday.
Stone Roses are already doing well out of their reunion ? and they haven't even started shifting tickets for next year's Manchester gigs yet.
Sales of the band's back catalogue have gone up by more than 1,000 PER CENT since they announced their comeback on Tuesday.
Miles Kane has been confirmed as the support act on Kasabian's European arena tour, which starts next month and runs into December. Miles will be along for all 13 dates as the Leicester lads hit the road. There'll be a few drinks sunk on that tour.
It's lucky Cheryl Cole isn't a bloke, because she'd never have enough time for sleeping.
When asked which of her Girls Aloud bandmates she would like to go out with if she were a man, the singer tweeted: "I would be Jack the lad and date them all."
Wretch 32 has had to switch venues for a Liverpool gig tomorrow after part of the roof at the city's O2 Academy caved in. The rapper will now play Liverpool Guild of Students' Mountford Hall after his management pulled some strings so fans wouldn't be disappointed.
Lana Del Rey has had more than 2.5million hits on YouTube and her single has only been out for two days. The stunning singer from New York is already selling out venues all over. Check out her debut track Video Games. You won't be disappointed.
If your missus starts digging around in the attic for her stonewashed denim jacket, here's why. New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys are bringing their comeback tour to Europe in April next year. While she's looking for stuff, get her to to dig out your earplugs.
Noel Gallagher has been talking about his huge fanbase ? in Venezuela. He told XFM DJ Danny Wallace: "When you check into the hotel room, you can't leave. On the three times we've been there, we've been assigned an armed guard each."
Jedward visited Tulisa's X Factor dressing room on Saturday on the eve of their 20th birthday and celebrated with a drink with the judge. Bet they were in their element ? not only do they love a freebie, imagine all the hairspray they got their hands on.
In the charts Rihanna and Calvin Harris reign for a second week with their single We Found Love, while after a break of ten years, Steps go to the top of the albums, overtaking fourth-place Evanescence, who were race leaders up to the final push. Tragedy.
Manchester City star Mario Balotelli risks stepping into enemy territory every week by getting a ?20 trim at a barber's a stone's throw from Man United's Old Trafford home. The Italian has a design etched into his hair at Creativity on Chester Road.
SACHA Baron Cohen knows how to impress his missus ? he celebrated his 40th by taking Isla Fisher for a meal in Sydney, where they met nine years ago.
They must've been starving ? they'd spent the previous 24 hours fasting for the Jewish day of Yom Kippur.
Jessie J's hairdresser must be bored stiff ? the singer has always had the same haircut.
She said: "I had a blonde version when I was a kid and have had the same cut since. I'm dark blonde really.
"I have to dye my eyebrows because it looks like I don't have any."
Professor Green could be in for an earbashing from his missus. The rapper reveals on new TV series Professor Green Unseen, on C4 tomorrow at 11am, that mirrored sunglasses come in handy on the beach with Candy McCulloch in case his eyes start to wander.

Cheryl Cole's no timid fawn

She is pictured in her deer gear in LA, where she's been working on new music.
After her flight she tweeted: "Just landed. I had these 5 songs on repeat! Rihanna ? We Found Love, Labrinth ? Earthquake (makes me want to smash something!), Chris Brown ? Pot of Gold, T-Pain ? 5 O'Clock and Gotye ? Somebody That I Used To Know."
Those artists will be listening when Cheryl's new music is released, in case she's been "inspired" by their tracks.

Eno hypnotised Coldplay for album

Bass player Guy Berryman admitted yesterday that the band have reached a stage where they are open to outrageous ideas from the talented team around them to tap into new writing veins.
And producer Brian Eno came up with the idea of hypnosis with the help of a Kenny "look into my eyes" Craig, Little Britain-style character.
Speaking at a Press conference in Madrid to launch new album Mylo Xyloto, Guy said: "We have been in a band long enough where we are comfortable to explore new ideas.
"Maybe one in every ten will come to something and the rest will be rubbish, but you've got to give things a try. We're confident enough to do that now.
"Brian suggested we try playing together when we were hypnotised. One of his friends came down and we tried it out. Nothing came of it but at least we tried it."
Thankfully the effects of the experiment on Will Champion, Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland and Guy had worn off yesterday. It would have been awkward with them parading around pretending to be chickens or robots.
The band were on top form before a huge gig to launch the album in the Spanish capital's historic bullring. Playing live they also unveiled a new interactive trick ? a wristband with an LED light worn by everyone in the crowd which lit up during the first song. It's the first time it has been done and beat the good old-fashioned lighter.
Watching a sea of fans waving their arms in the air was spectacular.
Earlier Jonny also paid tribute to The Stone Roses, who he thanked for inspiring him to pick up a guitar. He said: "It's fair to say that their first album was the reason I started playing a guitar. I can't wait to see the shows next year."
Chris added: "We actually invested in a film by our friend Mat Whitecross about four lads who tried to blag tickets for the famous Stone Roses Spike Island gig. Speaking as film investors, we hope the reunion is a huge success as it will be reflected in the box office figures."
Frontman Chris was on top form, laughing when a glass was smashed by mistake that it was his "fragile ego crushing under the weight of the reviews".
He also hammered any suggestion that the band would ever copy other people's music.
He said: "It's fine not to like our band, but making up s*** about us is not on. There's a difference between criticism and accusation. People who accuse us of stuff like that are *****, quite frankly."
He shouldn't worry. The reality is, the new album is on course to be the biggest seller of 2011. It's excellent.
But don't expect a Jay-Z collaboration in the charts any time soon. Chris added: "There's something kind of weird about men collaborating. I think I would find it hard to create sexual tension with Jay-Z."
He fancied Take That on Monday, then he was pictured hanging about with Ellen DeGeneres, now sexual tension with Jay-Z.
What next? Boxercise with Jake Shears from Scissor Sisters?
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