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Friday, December 9, 2011

Danielle Lloyd's baby rushed to hospital

Danielle Lloyd and Jamie O'Hara's son Harry has been kept in hospital overnight after he began suffering breathing problems yesterday.

Model Danielle, 27, called an ambulance to the home she shares with footballer boyfriend Jamie in the Midlands when five-month-old Harry - who was born 10 weeks prematurely - had trouble breathing.

A spokesperson for the couple said: "Harry was taken to hospital this afternoon after suffering breathing problems at home.

"Danielle was alone with Harry and Archie, as Jamie was at football training. She called an ambulance and Harry was taken straight to hospital where he is undergoing tests and will stay in to be under observation over night."

And former Celebrity Big Brother housemate Danielle shared her fears with her followers on Twitter as she waited in the hospital with Harry.

She tweeted: "My poor little baby back in hospital never been so frightened in all my life my kids are my life."

Harry had to spend five weeks in a neonatal unit after his premature birth, being allowed home to join mum, dad and brother Archie (pictured above) in August.

Harry has been bulking up well and his mum recently posted a picture on Twitter showing that he was now 8lbs - double his birth weight.

What do you reckon? Has Danielle had a run of bad luck or what? Comment below...

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As he’s not a judge on Britain’s Got Talent anymore, The Hoff has got to find a way of paying the ‘leccy bill. He’s being paid £125,000 to star as Captain Hook in Peter Pan at the Bristol Hippodrome.

David Beckham cheers up poorly children

As if his army of female fans needed more proof he was sent from God, David Beckham shows just what a nice guy he is by taking time out of his football tour to visit sick children in hospital.

The footy ace is currently in Australia after jetting in from LA Galaxy's tour of south-east Asia, and spent some of his down time at the Royal Melbourne Children's Hospital.

Becks certainly used his charm to put smiles on faces as he chatted with patients and their parents, posing for photos and signing autographs.

He took a particular shine to five year-old Amelia Ahlsrom (pictured above) who is recovering from a tracheotomy operation, signing her tracheotomy kit box.

But it wasn't just the children who were excited to see Becks – one surgeon in particular turned up wearing a 90s England shirt, getting their hero to sign it.

The visit marks another kind deed for the star, as only last week he visited a centre for homeless children in the Philippines.

Looks like his heart is as big as his talent.

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