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Monday, November 28, 2011

Blake Lively steps out in a VERY low-cut tuxedo which leaves little to the imagination

She stepped out over the weekend in a daring sheer Marchesa dress, with mere white tassels covering her modesty.

And now, Blake Lively has emerged in another risque outfit.

The 24-year-old turned heads at Lady Gaga's Workshop Opening at Barneys in New York last night.

How low can you go?: Blake Lively turned heads at Lady Gaga's Workshop Opening at Barneys in New York last night, in a low-cut blue tuxedo which exposed a hint of her fashion tape

The actress slipped her stunning curves in a bright blue tuxedo, with a jacket that left very little to the imagination.

Blake had opted to wear no blouse or shirt underneath, exposing plenty of her decolletage.

On account of the low-cut attire and no room for underwear, a hint of the star's fashion tape could be seen peeking out.

Deep V: Blake had opted to wear no blouse or shirt underneath, exposing plenty of her decolletage

While it may have been difficult to be distracted from the area, another standout on Blake's bright ensemble were the lacy shoulder pads.

The feature gave the the two-piece a certain eighties feel.

Without her boyfriend Ryan Reynolds on hand, Blake instead cosied up to her Gossip Girl co-star Matthew Settle at the event.

Racy lace: While it may have been difficult to be distracted from the said area, another standout on Blake's bright ensemble were the lacy shoulder pads

Her relationship with her 35-year-old Green Lantern co-star, is however, going from strength to strength.

The couple appear to have become inseparable, at least when their busy schedules allow, and Blake heads to Boston as often as she can when she isn’t filming her TV show Gossip Girl in New York.

The pair, who have been dating for about a month, are said to be already looking for a love nest to buy together.

Catching up: Without her boyfriend Ryan Reynolds on hand, Blake instead cosied up to her Gossip Girl co-star Matthew Settle at the event

They were spotted checking out a $4.5 million apartment in Manhattan, according to New York Post's Page Six.

The pad is situated between the historic Flatiron building and the Empire State and is nestled on the back of Madison Square Park.

Meanwhile, last night, hostess with the mostess Lady Gaga cut the ribbon at the launch of her Workshop at the upscale Manhattan department store.

Open for business! Meanwhile, last night, hostess with the mostess Lady Gaga cut the ribbon at the launch of her Workshop at the upscale Manhattan department store

The pop star looked spectacular in a cream long-sleeve corseted ballgown with black and gold trim.

She paired the look with her obligatory wild footwear, some gold studded platforms.

And she accessorised with a Chanel handbag, oversized zany sunglasses and ribbon and feathered headdress.

Two ladys! Gaga puckers up to Lady Starlight at the event

Gaga's workshop is a collaborative fashion and lifestyle project between the singer and Barney's New York, at the store's East 60th Street location.

It is a 5,500 square foot in-store holiday shop designed completely by the pop star.

The bright and whimsical store features items such as her infamous hair bows attached to headbands, iPhone and iPad covers and stiletto-heel holiday stockings.

Whimsical fun: Gaga's workshop is a collaborative fashion and lifestyle project between the singer and Barney's New York, at the store's East 60th Street location

Gaga style: The bright store features items such as her infamous hair bows attached to headbands

There are also studded leather motorcycle jackets and Gaga-style Christmas ornaments.

The pop-up shop also has a candy store for kids, with little monsters-shaped cookies and rock candy necklaces, included among the delectable treats.

Shoppers can also channel Gaga's outrageous clothing style, with a pair of $4,000 heel-less booties and $50 heart-shaped sunglasses also for sale.

  Eccentric: Shoppers can also channel Gaga's outrageous clothing style, with a pair of $4,000 heel-less booties and press-on nails for sale

Know for her philanthropic efforts, Gaga is giving 25% of workshop or online sales to her Born This Way Foundation.

The star also performed at the event, singing two of her hits, including The Edge Of Glory and Born This Way.

'It's a `Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' moment,' she told reporters. 'We wanted it all to be whimsical and fun, with a sense of art and fashion.'

Daring: Blake stepped out over the weekend in a daring sheer Marchesa dress, with mere white tassels covering her modesty, to celebrate 100 episodes of Gossip Girl 

Breaking Dawn review: Time to nail the coffin shut on the Twilight Saga

The suits behind the flamboyantly successful Twilight movie franchise —  worth ?1.2??billion and counting — have followed Harry Potter’s lead by splitting the final novel into two.

But whereas the Potter series gained from that decision, the Twilight Saga loses almost all its impetus.

In the Potter stories, extra screen time allowed the leading characters to deepen; the reverse is true here.

Tamed: Robert Pattinson (Edward) and Kristen Stewart (Bella) star in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1, in which they marry

Stephenie Meyer’s characters are becoming ever less plausible. And the dialogue in this movie is the most leaden and banal in the series.

And before all you Twilight fans complain that I’m too old to appreciate the movies, check out my review of the first film; I awarded it four stars out of five.

But a rather good original idea has dwindled into self-parody.

This film, a certain box-office hit thanks to the saga’s fanatical following, covers the first half of Meyer’s fourth book.

It starts with the lavish wedding of hot yet cool vampire Edward (Robert Pattinson), aged 108, to feisty yet droopy 18-year-old Bella (Kristen Stewart).

The nuptials are so kitsch they could have been designed by Russell Grant, and take a seemingly endless half-hour.

Anyone not obsessed with hair, make-up and lingerie may find it a near-death experience.

Pregnancy plot: The film speediest pregnancy in history, and an alarmingly gruesome childbirth

Here come the boys: Robert Pattinson (right) and Taylor Lautner (left) at the Breaking Dawn premiere in Barcelona, Spain last night

The inaction moves on to a turgid honeymoon on an island near Rio.

There’s lovemaking so passionless it barely warrants a 12A certificate, accompanied by the world’s weediest pop music.

From there it’s on to the speediest pregnancy in history, and an alarmingly gruesome childbirth.

The film-makers’ coyness about sex is strangely at odds with the grisliness of the Caesarean section, which might well put an impressionable 11-year-old girl off ever giving birth.

The only action comes in the form of a desultory battle towards the end, badly choreographed and featuring unpersuasive computer animation.

During this, the third lead, werewolf Jacob (Taylor Lautner), has to choose between his own kind and continuing to stalk his emo ex-girlfriend. Tough call.

Film premiere: (Left to right) Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner arriving for the UK premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1, at the Westfield Stratford City, Stratford, this week

Co-stars: The three actors all arrived for the premiere in sultry black matching outfits

Teenage girls will probably be less interested in the story than in the earliest point where Mr Lautner rips off his shirt: these film-makers know their audience, and it’s within seconds of the opening.

The movie seems deeply confused as to how vampires procreate.

Now it is the normal human way, whereas earlier in the series vampires continued their line by biting humans.

The writers seem to be changing the rules as they go along.

Poor old Edward is clearly as much in the dark as the audience.

At one point, he goes on a search engine to look up ‘demon children’.

The mystery is why he didn’t go to it a bit earlier and look up ‘birth control’.

Skip the next two paragraphs if you don’t want to read a spoiler, but the climax depends on the notion that a grown-up werewolf can ‘imprint’ upon a baby at birth and make that offspring forever tied sexually to him.

Yes, a werewolf can fall in love with a baby, and vice versa!

The idea is deeply creepy, bordering on paedophile, and completely at odds with the surely much healthier notion that an adult has the right to fall in love with anyone he or she chooses. Maybe even a non-werewolf.

Director Bill Condon has made classy films in the past, notably Gods And Monsters and Kinsey, but he has never shown much sense of humour or feeling for pace or action.

He is ideally unsuited to this material.

His attitude towards the Twilight Saga is reverential. There is none of the intentional comedy that enlivened the first Twilight movie.

The only laughs in this are from the po-faced dialogue, potty plotting and wooden performances. 

Don't carry on, Margot... Why Penelope was axed from the Carry On Films

Two decades after the last Carry On film was made, the uniquely British series of low-budget films continues to amuse viewers who weren’t even born when Kenneth Williams’s Caesar declared ‘Infamy. Infamy.

They’ve all got it in for me’ — later voted the best Carry On one-liner of all time. 

Now the cast has been immortalised in a Who’s Who by aficionado Andrew Ross. Here, from his diligent research, are 30 things you didn’t know about Carry On .?.?.

This won't hurt a bit: Stars Barbara Windsor and Jim Dale

1 German actress Elke Sommer was paid six times the ?5,000 salary of Carry On stars Sid James, Kenneth Williams and Barbara Windsor when she played Russian Anna Vrooshka in Carry On Behind.

2 Penelope KEITH was a nurse in Carry On Doctor long before finding fame in The Good Life and To The Manor Born. Her scenes were cut in the editing process.

3 Shakira BAKSH, a former Miss World contestant, played Scrubba, one of Sid James’s wives, in Carry On Again Doctor. The Guyana-born actress is best known as Lady (Michael) Caine.

4 Kenneth WILLIAMS, who appeared in 25 Carry Ons, loathed Sid James, whom he said was ‘just too coarse’. 

5 THEATRE impresario and Everton FC owner Bill Kenwright played a reporter in Carry On Matron.

Coarse: Kenneth Williams (pictured), who appeared in 25 Carry Ons films loathed Sid James

6 POP star David Essex was 22  when he played a heckler in Carry On Henry, but ended up on the cutting-room floor.

7 Charles HAWTREY, who appeared in 23 Carry Ons, never recovered professionally after walking out in 1972 when his demand for star billing in the TV Christmas special Carry On Stuffing was rejected. He died in straitened circumstances in 1988.

8 Joan Sims, who starred in 24 Carry Ons, played a medium in Morrissey’s Ouija Board video in 1988.

9 Sid JAMES deemed the best moment of his 19 Carry Ons to be his performance in Carry On Cowboy, which gave him the chance to display his fine American accent.

10 Kenneth CONNOR, star of 17 Carry Ons, was the son of the petty officer on the Royal Yacht Victoria & Albert, and knew the Queen’s grandparents, George V and Queen Mary.

11 Peter BUTTERWORTH got billing in 16 Carry Ons, but also did uncredited, bit-part roles in several others.

12 Hattie JACQUES, the Carry On battleaxe, once declared: ‘All they see is a funny fat lady; no one dreams of casting you as a normal person.’

Peter Butterworth, right, with his wide, actress Janet Brown

13 Bernard Bresslaw, at 6ft 7in, towered over his co-stars in 14 Carry On films, including Up the Khyber.

14 Jim DALE, star of 11 Carry On films, offended his fellow actors when he declined to play Ug Ug in Carry On Up The Jungle because he wanted to broaden his horizons. Some of them later boycotted his This Is Your Life tribute in protest.

15 Barbara WINDSOR, star of ten Carry Ons, had elocution lessons as a teenager, but failed to lose her Cockney accent.

16 Edina RONAY, the fashion designer, played a saloon girl in Carry On Cowboy.

17 Amanda BARRIE, who played Alma Baldwin in Coronation Street, was Cleopatra in the spoof of the Burton/Taylor movie Carry On Cleo.

18 Johnny BRIGGS, Barrie’s Street husband Mike Baldwin, appeared in three Carry Ons.

19 Sara Crowe, famous for her role in the Philadelphia TV adverts, married Jim Dale’s son Toby a month after meeting him on the set of Carry On Columbus. They later divorced.

Sparring star: Boxing champion Freddie Mills appeared in Carry On Constable and Carry On Regardless

20 Shirley Eaton, sprayed gold in Bond movie Goldfinger, was in Carry On Sergeant as Bob Monkhouse’s wife. She also appeared in Carry On Nurse and Carry On Constable.

21 Sheila HANCOCK played Kenneth Connor’s nagging wife Senna Pod in Carry On Cleo.

22 Before fame as Miss Marple, Joan Hickson made her screen debut as the efficient ward sister in Carry On Nurse.

23 BURT KWOUK — crazy manservant Cato in the Pink Panther films — had a cameo role in Carry On Columbus.

24 Ian LAVENDER — ‘silly boy’ Pike in Dad’s Army — played Joe Baxter in Carry  On Behind.

25 Young Ones star Rik Mayall was cast as the Sultan in Carry On Columbus.

26 Irish character actor T. P. McKenna, who appeared in Straw Dogs and The Charge Of The Light Brigade played an Archbishop in Carry On Columbus. His scenes were edited from the final film release.

27 Terry And June star Terry Scott, who appeared in seven Carry On films, was forced by his parents to train as an accountant.

28 FORMER world light heavyweight boxing champ Freddie Mills was in Carry On Constable and Carry On Regardless.

29 Musical actress Dora Bryan played a love-struck  Army cook in Carry On Sergeant.

30 SERGEANT Bilko star Phil Silvers played the lead role in Carry On Follow That Camel. He was unpopular with the rest of the cast, who thought he considered himself superior. 

Eva Mendes reincarnated as a redhead on the set of Holly Motors

Her brunette beauty has won her fame as one of the sexiest women in the world.

But Eva Mendes sported a rather different look on the set of her new film Holly Motor in Paris yesterday.

The 37-year-old star showed off stunning copper tresses as she readied herself for the cameras in the P?re Lachaise Cemetery.

Leggy lovely: Eva Mendes films scenes for Holly Motors in Paris on Monday

Balancing act: Mendes was wearing a tall pair of vertiginous heels as she left her trailer

Though she maintained a low profile behind a tree, her bright new hair colour was too eye-catching to remain inconspicuous for long.

She upped the dramatic effect of her new red 'do by piling her hair up beehive-style on top of her head.

The effect was somewhat similar to the trademark look of late singer Amy Winehouse.

Eva upped the sex appeal with an animal print jacket over a provocative cleavage-baring  gold dress.

Scarlet woman! Eva Mendes sizzled with her new red hair on the set of Holly Motors in Paris yesterday

High drama: Eva's hair was piled up beehive-style on top of her head

Rocking the red: Eva teamed her new tresses with a gold dress which showed off her curves

Her incredible makeup completed the look, with porcelain skin setting off her dramatic eyeliner and red lips.

Holly Motors stars French actor Dennis Lavant as a man who who travels between different lives, including that of a murderer, beggar, CEO, monstrous creature and father.

Eva plays one of the characters from his past.

The Leos Caras-directed film also stars Kylie Minogue and Michel Piccoli.

Suits you, Madam! Though a world away from her usual brunette locks, the star pulled off her new colour with aplomb

“Holly Motors” is due to be released sometime in 2012.

It's no wonder that Eva's hair is looking so stunning on set, as the actress has a new incentive to ensure her locks are always in prime condition.

Eva has is the new celebrity ambassador for Pantene’s Nature Fusion line of haircare products, designed to be environmentally friendly.

Familiar look: Eva was more low-key with her normal brunette style out and about in Paris on the same day

'Fame? It's a pain in the neck': says Ricky Gervais's sidekick Mackenzie Crook

 Mackenzie Crook is deeply uncomfortable with being famous

With his cap pulled down firmly over his eyes and his shoulders stooped so low he could be auditioning for The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, Mackenzie Crook is doing his best not to be recognised.

The actor is deeply uncomfortable with his celebrity. So uncomfortable that it literally hurts.

During his recent Tony-nominated Broadway stint in the much talked about play Jerusalem, he developed crippling backache.

It was because, in New York where no one recognised him, he was walking upright for the first time in the ten years since he found fame as the obsessive nerd Gareth Keenan in The Office.

‘I am recognised all the time and it seems out of proportion to how well known I am,’ he says. He is even covering his face with his hands as we talk.

‘People are only ever nice to me, but I just kind of curl up a bit. When people come up to me in the street I never know whether I have met them before and should stop and talk or just say “Hi” and scuttle on. I tend to look at the ground to avoid eye contact; it avoids embarrassment all round.

‘My back started really hurting when I went to America so I went for a scan and it turned out I had five slipped discs.

'They reckoned the injury was ten years old; there was nothing that I could think of that would hurt me like that. But it is ten years since The Office started; ten years of walking around with my back hunched.

‘In New York no one recognised me so I stood upright with really good posture. But as soon as I came home I was doubling over again.’

It is unlikely that Mackenzie, 40, is going to go unrecognised for some time to come.

Since finding fame in The Office he has swashbuckled with Johnny Depp in several Pirates Of The Caribbean movies and worked with Al Pacino in The Merchant Of Venice.

He is back doing Jerusalem in London’s West End, while at the cinema you can see him (or at least a ‘motion capture’ animated version of him) in the Spielberg blockbuster The Adventures Of Tintin.

Life changing: Starring in The Office with Ricky Gervais (left), shot Crook to fame - he played the role of Gareth Keenan in the BBC sitcom

Directors love him because his face is so expressive, with every thought reflected. And his looks make him a perfect character actor.

Though 5ft 10in, he is tiny — his wrists are smaller than mine. Descriptions of him normally range from ‘nervy’ and ‘scrawny’ to, even more unkindly, ‘swivel-eyed’.

He looks pained when I ask him how he feels about that. His jaw clenches and his eyes go darker; he looks as if he wants to pound the bracelet he is playing with.

But he remains polite: ‘I am sure I would not be getting the jobs I am doing if I didn’t look the way I do, but people seem to have an obsession with it.

‘Every article that has been written about me starts with a bunch of adjectives about what I look like.

‘I don’t know. I do sometimes get a bit sick of reading what I look like. Most of it isn’t complimentary.

‘Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and think: “God, you look like a skeleton.” But I’ve totally accepted it. I have tried to put on weight — I’ve had fridge-loads of special shakes — but it doesn’t happen.’

While Mackenzie had a fun-filled upbringing with lots of friends and two sisters, you can see he probably also spends a lot of time inside his head.

As a child he was abnormally small. He was one of the first people to be prescribed a synthetic human growth hormone: he suffered no side effects, but still can’t give blood. He was the size of a 12-year-old when he was 16.

A-list co-stars: Mackenzie Crook with Jonny Depp and Keira Knightley at the European premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest in London in 2006

‘I looked two or three years younger than my friends and when you are 15 that is a big deal,’ he says.

‘They would be going to the cinema or even blagging their way into pubs, but there was no way I could do that.

‘I would try to go out with them and they were all uncomfortable, saying: “We can’t invite you because you won’t get in and we’ll all feel bad.” When they started getting girlfriends I was still a long way from that.’

By the end of treatment he had grown to the correct height, though he wonders: ‘It may just have been that I’d reached the point when I was going to grow anyway.’ 

Almost certainly his lankiness is due in some part to his nerviness; he is never still.

The whole hour we are together in a cafe in the North London suburb of Muswell Hill, where he lives in Peter Sellers’ old house, he is playing with his face or his bracelet or shifting around uncomfortably. He once said he cringed about ten times a day.

‘I hardly ever sit down,’ he says. ‘I am always pacing — I guess I have a lot of nervous energy.

‘But it is also a family thing; my dad was thin and my son is. He is looking more and more like me and I think: “Poor thing!” But he’s delighted to look like me, which is lovely.’

Mackenzie could not be more different from the bombastic and super- confident Office creator Ricky Gervais, who has gone on to create the new TV comedy Life’s Too Short about a dwarf actor hoping a reality show will reverse his fortunes.

On set: Crook as Ragetti alongside Johnny Depp, as Captain Jack Sparrow, in the Pirates Of the Caribbean franchise

Though it is eight years since The Office ended, Ricky and Mackenzie remain friends.

‘We don’t get to see each other so much, but we went out to dinner with our partners a few months ago,’ says Mackenzie.

‘It was the first time I had seen him in a couple of years and he hasn’t changed. I know people think that he has, but to me he is exactly the same and he is so happy to be in the position he is in.

‘He was always confident; he and Stephen [Merchant, Ricky’s writing partner] always knew exactly what they were doing, which is why they directed the show. I know people think there was a lot of improvising, but there was no need because the scripts were so brilliant.

‘He has a perfect partnership with Stephen; they bring something different to the table. Stephen is disciplined and Ricky is famously ill-disciplined; he wants to muck about and leave early because he gets bored.’

It is no surprise that Mackenzie, who can’t even bear the idea of embarrassing strangers, should be stunned at the way his friend has become increasingly famous for offending people at events such as the Golden Globes awards, which he hosts again in January.

‘I am always a little bit shocked,’ he says. ‘I feel a bit like saying: “Really, Ricky? God! Why are you saying that?” But he knows exactly what he is doing and it is always brilliant.

‘He wants to cause just the right amount of controversy otherwise it would be completely dull, but he knows how to pitch it so just the right amount of people are upset. He called Johnny Depp wooden, but Johnny isn’t going to be too upset; he leapt at the chance to be in Life’s Too Short.’

Film career: Crook starred in the film Three And Out in 2007 alongside Colm Meaney (right)

Depp got Mackenzie the job on Pirates — one of the biggest movie franchises ever — after they worked together on Finding Neverland.

‘He’s a hero, I can’t sing his praises too much,’ says Mackenzie.

‘He’s a brilliant actor and a brilliant man.’ Mackenzie’s success has meant he has finally been able to go back to his first love, producing a beautifully illustrated children’s story called The Windvale Sprites.

It is about a boy called Asa Brown who, after the hurricane of 1987, discovers a small fairy man in his garden pond.

He investigates, helped by the 200-year-old lost journals of an alchemist called Benjamin Tooth.

The sprites have something of Mackenzie about them; half- dragonfly, half-man, they are long and thin creatures with big eyes and flowing hair.

The story had been gestating in Mackenzie’s mind since the electricity in his home was cut off for a week after the hurricane. In the tale he mythologises the weatherman Michael Fish who dismissed the idea of a hurricane ‘with a scoff’. 

‘I do feel a bit bad about that,’ he says with a glint in his eye, adding: ‘I remember finding things blown into the garden and it occurred to me that I could easily have found a fairy in my fishpond. The story has been in my head since I was 15.’

The impetus to finally write the book were his two children with his wife Lindsay, a former comedy club organiser to whom he has been married for ten years.

Theatre rolls: Crook alongside Kristin Scott Thomas in The Seagull at the Royal Court Theatre in 2007

Jude, eight, and Scout, three, have had to go weeks without seeing their father while he makes his latest movie. They stay in touch with the free internet service Skype. ‘When I was in New York we had it running most of the day,’ says Mackenzie.

One time Scout was playing and she picked up the computer. I was yelling: “Put me down! Put me down!”

‘She eventually placed the computer in her dolls’ house and played with her toys in there. It was lovely.’

For now, Mackenzie is staying this side of the Atlantic. He has a new West End show, which will start when Jerusalem ends.

And he has a couple of films in the works as well as writing his own movie script about the life of highwayman Dick Turpin, a part he wants to play himself.

‘It’s my dream role,’ he says, his eyes lighting up. ‘It would be the true story as opposed to the legend of this dandy highwayman. He was a vicious criminal and a murderer.

‘His face was heavily pock-marked and he was a thin man with a stark face; I could play that.’

And with that, he bounds up from his seat, cap on, face down, as he rushes away and does his best to be anonymous.

Imogen Thomas appears to mock her gagging order in almost nude photo shoot

She's been placed under a high court order banning her from divulging the lurid details about her relationship with Ryan Giggs.

But that hasn't stopped Imogen Thomas from making light of the whole situation in a new photoshoot.

Imogen, 28, appears in men's magazine Nuts this week where she poses almost nude apart from some strategically placed black tape.

Where's the rest of your dress? Imogen Thomas covers her body with a very small amount of black duct tape

The Welsh glamour model, who won Miss Wales in 2003, is barely contained by the tape as she pulls a series of seductive poses in front of a yellow background.

Baring a slight resemblance to the bizarre 'belt top' worn by Jodie Marsh some years ago, Imogen's duct tape dress does little to 'gag' her silicone-enhanced assets.

The raunchy set of photos were taken by a former glamour model named Zoe McConnell and are accompanied by a predictably suggestive interview.

Under wraps: The Welsh glamour model has been silenced by former lover Ryan Giggs

In the chat with Nuts, Imogen says her rudest night out in the UK would occur in London.

Out now: Nuts magazine is available to buy from today

She told the men's magazine: 'You can pretty much do anything you like in London and no one bats an eyelid. You can go out without a stitch on and people don’t even notice. Manchester’s a close second.'

Imogen also named Rihanna as her 'sexiest celebrity of 2011', saying: '[It] has to be Rihanna. Everything she does is sexy – her videos, the way she moves, the way she dresses. That girl drips sex!'

Earlier this month the former Big Brother star returned to the High Court, where she tried to lift an order preventing her from revealing details of her relationship with married footballer Ryan Giggs.

She put in a bid to lift a gagging order obtained by the footballer seven months ago.

The former Miss Wales arrived at court with her legal team to ask Mr Justice Eady for the right to make a public statement about the case.

But after almost two hours of legal wranglings in private the judge reserved judgment with no firm date given for his final ruling.

Before ordering the press and public to leave court he said the application was about 'what if anything can be said in public by way of a statement.'

At an earlier hearing Mr Justice Eady said even though Giggs had been named - the injunction was still in place to stop his family being 'engulfed in a cruel and destructive media frenzy.'

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