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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Jeff Brazier goes on his first ever blind date - and it ends in murder!

In his Love & Dating Confession, Jeff tells all

Jeff Brazier picks an interesting venue for his blind date!

TV presenter Jeff Brazier,
32 - father to 2 Bobby, 8, and Freddy, 7 - is looking for romance, but he's not having much luck right now.

'My mate Marvin is intent on trying to help me find love,' he tells us.

'He's married to an amazing woman and his lady radar is pretty good.

'A work trip to Milton Keynes gave me the chance to meet a girl he'd mentioned to me on several occasions, so with the kids packed off to their nan's, I arranged my first ever blind date.

'I'd booked us into a restaurant, but when I got to the hotel where I was staying, I spotted a great alternative for our date: a murder mystery weekend.

'Always one to try anything once, I ditched the restaurant and booked us in.

'My date was totally unaware we'd be joining other would-be Miss Marples and Inspector Morses for dinner.

'It was a gamble, but I hoped she'd see the funny side.

'She did and was totally willing to play my silly games. ‘OK, so your name's Francine and when somebody says the word "murder" you have to scratch your left shin,' I ordered.

She took the bait.

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