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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

More Fix Factor claims as Amelia Lily's 'winner's single' hits HMV

X Factor finalist Amelia Lily is once again at the centre of the controversy as her 'winner's single' mysteriously became available on HMV's website yesterday.

The technical hitch, in which only Amelia's 'winning song' was available for pre-order, prompted furious fans to cry 'Fix Factor' on social networking sites.

It was all a mistake, of course.

An HMV spokesperson told the Daily Mail, "All three are uploaded to the site, but whoever was loading them only did one so far and hadn't done the other two and not realised what a frenzy it would cause. There's no conspiracy and no insider knowledge."

Funny... STV made a similar mistake when Amelia Lily was voted back into the show.

"Technical issues" aside, Amelia Lily's winning chances have reportedly been blighted by illness and exhaustion this week.

According to The Sun, the 17-year-old is suffering with strained vocal cords and laryngitis. A source close to the singer told the paper, "She's been under the most amount of pressure out of anyone and she's just 17.

"... Her voice is her biggest weapon but this week singing has started to hurt and she's worried. It's stress on top of stress."

Let's hope she's on song come Saturday night.

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