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Friday, December 16, 2011

Hello Batman, this is Commissioner Jordan calling

Katie Price definitely gets her fair share of the blame for the problems in modern British society, but it seems as though the glamour model-turned-businesswoman may have decided it's time to put something back.

The 33-year-old is reported to have registered an interest in taking on one of the elected police commissioner roles being created by the government - and has even suggested that she moved to Hampshire expressly for that purpose.

And yes, we have checked our calendar. And no, it definitely isn't April 1 today - so we're going to have to assume that this story is real and not the obvious hoax it would be if published on April Fool's Day.

The surprising news appears to have been leaked to The Guardian newspaper by a concerned party in "the job" - and it seems she's not the only famous name considering throwing her hat into the ring.

Former Crimewatch presenter Nick Ross has also expressed an interest, as has Iraq veteran Colonel Tim Collins.

The posts would see a publicly elected official appointing chief constables and managing the police budget - an idea which many within the force are uncomfortable with.

But maybe that's just because they haven't seen the picture of KP above yet? OK, it is 10 years old but how could we resist breaking it out again?

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