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Thursday, November 17, 2011

X FACTOR PROBLEMS! Amelia Lily is a 'hate figure' backstage

Amelia Lily isn't being made to feel welcome

Amelia Lily was originally sent home in week one by mentor Kelly Rowland

Amelia Lily is having a tough time settling back in with the other X Factor contestants because they think it's unfair she's been given a second chance.

The 17-year-old won the public vote to re-enter the competition as bad boy Frankie Cocozza's replacement, but Amelia isn't the most popular person in The X Factor mansion.

'She puts on a brave face but it's clear no-one wants her around,' says a source.

'Why would they? They've been working hard each week and she's come back in a blaze of glory.'

Kitty Brucknell was sent home from the show on Sunday but admits she'd feel unhappy about Amelia's return if she was still in the competition.

'There are a lot of people on the show that don't think it's fair having Amelia back,' Kitty, 26, tells the Daily Star.

'I can understand why.'

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