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Friday, November 18, 2011

Mark Wright: There's only one woman I'll miss in the jungle

Mark tells Dan Wootton he's a bit of a homeboy

Mark Wright is done with TOWIE

I'm A Celebrity heartthrob Mark Wright, 24, is getting used to life in the jungle - away from Essex and all the girls.

But there's only one woman he pines for.

'I'm scared of getting homesick and being hungry,' Mark told Now's Dan Wootton before setting off for camp.

'I'm quite a homeboy and I know I'm going to miss my mum.'

Mark is happy to be sleeping alone for once, but he's afraid he's going to keep his new celebrity buddies awake at night with his snoring.

'I snore ridiculously loudly so I'm terrified about that,' he admits.

'It's so loud that I once had a flatmate who had to move out.

'People are going to get really pissed off with it.

'Unfortunately, I didn't have the operation to stop me snoring done in time.'

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